Monday, October 04, 2004

Microsoft Resources

Integrate Analysis Services with Reporting Services

Deliver enhanced business intelligence solutions with the integration of Analysis Services and Reporting Services for SQL Server 2000.

Deliver Rich Reports from Your Apps with Reporting Services

Use SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services and Visual Studio to integrate rich, user-friendly reports into your Web applications.

Use Forms Authentication in Reporting Services

Get overview of security extensions in Reporting Services, and put to use a downloadable sample Forms Authentication extension.

Learn Code Access Security in SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services enables users to execute code through an ASP.NET application. See how code access security enables you to control permissions for such code.

Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

Experiment with the security solutions presented here using SSL for SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services before implementing security on your network.

MSDN TV: Developing Applications Using SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

Get an an overview of on how to add Reporting Services to your applications, including how to design reports using Report Designer, call SOAP methods using Visual Studio.NET 2003 against the Report Server Web service, and integrate reports into Win Forms applications.

Using SQL Server 2000 Technologies to Deliver Data

Use Notification Services and Reporting Services in SQL Server 2000 to generate and deliver data to your users when they want it.

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