Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Captain LoadTest

Captain LoadTest: "Question number two asks the candidate to list the types of testing with which s/he has experience. This reply included integration testing (also stated in his resume, correctly spelled). My follow-up asked him to define integration testing; a common ploy to make sure I�m not just being fed buzz-words. It was a definition he could not supply, or even attempt.
A candidate should be able to define every �word� he claims experience with. If you can not define it you obviously do not have enough experience in it to make it applicable. If you can not define �integration testing�, I will not hold it against you providing you do not list experience in it. Similarly, if you do not list it, and I ask you what you know about it, be straight; tell me straight-up that you cannot define it. You will rate higher in my book than someone who stumbles through an obviously concocted and blatantly incorrect response."

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