Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thomas Pagel BI Blog :

Thomas Pagel BI Blog :: "So we?re getting closer and closer to RTM and we all hope that Microsoft will deliver a perfect product after such a long time of Betas (sorry, IDWs and CTPs). But you can be sure that this will not be a 100% finished product, just as Windows 2003 and other releases were not perfect on day one. I?m not one of guys telling you ?wait for Service Pack 1?, SQL 2005 is a too good product to spend more time without it. But I?m sure you have to expect some issues mostly related to performance.

One issue we got aware of is a performance flaw when you use NON EMPTY with ?non trivial? calculated members (well, this seams to be starting with already quite trivial calculations?). We had queries running for minutes and asked Microsoft why they take so long. They suggested exchanging the calculated member with the formula behind it. We had this with just a ParallelPeriod function we used in a calculated member. When we changed the query to use the base measure and put the ParallelPeriod in the query the performance was very good (some seconds for a quite complex MDX).

Remember that NON EMPTY is used very often, i.e. Reporting Service?s query designer uses it by default. So it?s quite likely that you get in touch with this issue.

It?s confirmed that this flaw will NOT be fixed in RTM.
And there are others I?m not aware of, yet?"

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