Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sharing OneNote

 The example is from a BI course, however it can apply to any onenote sharing system.

1. Create a folder on your C drive called Ranger.

2. Create a folder under the C:\Ranger for: Notes, Labs (for the lab instructions), and Sessions

3. Under the notes folder create a folder with your name

4. Create a OneNote 2007 notebook in that folder.

5. In the OneNote2007 folder, create a section per day (Day 1, Day 2...Day 20)

6. Create a page under each day for each session.

7. Then "print to OneNote" or copy the Presentation for each session in the session page.

8. Write your notes on each page along with the presentation. (THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL RETAIN ALL YOU ARE TAUGHT WITHOUT THESE STUDY AIDS).

9. Under the Sessions folder create a folder per session and copy in the content from the Ranger SharePoint site for that session. (This gives you a logical place to put presentations, links, whitepapers and other content you find on the web).

10. Use FolderShare (man, I love this tool), or Groove, and setup a sync with your study group so you are all in sync and you can leverage each other's notes and content.

Source: ...more notes from the field

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