Sunday, August 12, 2007

Useful links from Dan's blog


SQL ISV blog:


Best Practices Site:

SQL Server AlwaysOn Partner program:

SQL Server Urban Legends:

SQL Server 2000 I/O Basics whitepaper:

Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis for Windows:

Microsoft Windows Clustering: Storage Area Networks:

Windows Server System Storage Home:

Microsoft Storage Technologies – Multipath I/O:

Windows 2003 Storport Driver:

Virtual Device Interface Specification:

SQL Server Consolidation on the 64-Bit Platform:

SQL Server Consolidation on the 32-Bit Platform using a Clustered Environment:

INF: Support for Network Database Files:;en-us;304261

824190 Troubleshooting Storage Area Network (SAN) Issues:

304415 Support for Multiple Clusters Attached to the Same SAN Device:

280297 How to Configure Volume Mount Points on a Clustered Server:

819546 INF: SQL Server support for mounted volumes:

304736 How to Extend the Partition of a Cluster Shared Disk:

325590 How to Use Diskpart.exe to Extend a Data Volume:

Updated Books Online for SQL Server 2005:

Shared Scalable Database:

Sunil gave us all we need to know and more on the TEMPDB. Check out the whitepaper he references:

In addition, do not forget to review Kalen Delaney's book as she goes into detail on the TempDB in her book on the Database Storage Engine.

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