Friday, November 09, 2007

OLAP/Data Mining

Huge list of resources at this site. 

OLAP/Data Mining

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

What Is OLAP

OLAP Council

The OLAP Report

OLAP Journal

Data Warehousing and OLAP Research Bibliography

OLAP Information Site

Visual OLAP Resources


Microsoft OLAP Services User Community

Microsoft OLAP

Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Services

Microsoft OLAP Unleashed (Book) 1999

Microsoft OLAP Solutions Updates

FIX: Processing OLAP Partitions in Parallel May Result in Errors (Q253496);EN-US;q253496

SAS Business Intelligence & OLAP

SAS Analytic Intelligence

OLAP and OLAP Server Definitions

The OLAP Survey

Active OLAP For Essbase


OLAP Technical Work Forum

German OLAP and Data Warehouse Forum

OLAP Forum

OLAP Train

OLAP Links

OLAP Resources

Open Directory: OLAP

Google Web Directory: OLAP

Databases, Data Warehousing and OLAP

IBM Welds OLAP, Data Mining


IBM Adds Hybrid OLAP In DB2,3959,120907,00.asp

Oracle OLAP

Oracle9i OLAP

Oracle Express OLAP

OLAP Information

A New Face For OLAP

White Papers On Data Warehousing, Data Mining, OLAP

JSR 69 Java OLAP Interface (JOLAP)

OLAP/Multidimensional Database Tools

OLAP Performance

The Transition of OLAP

Intelligent Rollups In Multidimensional OLAP Data

Maintenance and Control Aspects of OLAP Applications

OLAP and Statistical Databases: Similarities and Differences


Discovering New Opportunities With OLAP

OLAP Tools

OLAP Market Review

Evaluating OLAP Servers and Tools

OLAP For Java Developers

Mining For Golden Nuggets of Data

A Survey On Logical Models For OLAP Databases

Specifying OLAP Cubes On XML Data

What Is Data Mining ?

Data Mining Overview

Defining Data Mining

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal

Information About Data Mining

IBM Data Mining Group Quest

IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner For Data

Data Mining, Web Mining and Knowledge Discovery Guide

National Center For Data Mining (NCDM)

Data Mining News

Data Mining Books, White Papers, and Tutorial

Data Miners

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Effectively Guide Your Organization's Future With Data Mining

Data Mining Benchmarking Association

URLs For Data Mining

Data Mining In Molecular Biology

Data Mining Glossary

Data Mining Technologies

DMSK: Data Miner Software Kit

ACM Special Interest Group On Knowledge Discovery in Data and Data Mining (SIGKDD)

The Data Mining Institute (DMI)

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Untangling Text Data Mining

Data Mining Forum

Data Warehouse, Data Mining and Decision Support Resources

Data Mining Lecture Notes

Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques (Book) 2000

Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms

Tutorial On High Performance Data Mining

ITSC Data Mining Center

Data Mining Techniques

Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Book)

Data Mining Tools

Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques with Java Implementations (Book) 1999

Data Mining With Predictive Models

Open Directory: Data Mining

Data Mining Resources For Space Science

Data Mining Group

NAG Data Mining Components To Create Critical Competitive Advantage

Data Mining Approaches for Intrusion Detection

Data Mining in Python

Data Mining Product Features

Knowledge Discovery/Data Mining Center

UCLA Data Mining Lab

Data Mining Solutions and Establishment of A Data Warehouse

Data Mining - Case Study

Workshop On Data Mining Lessons Learned

Data Mining and Customer Relationships

OMG Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM)

Data Warehousing, CWM and MOF Resources

OLAP/Data Mining

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