Monday, December 03, 2007

Craig Freedman's SQL Server Blog : Scans vs. Seeks


Scans vs. Seeks

Scans and seeks are the iterators that SQL Server uses to read data from tables and indexes.  These iterators are among the most fundamental ones that we support.  They appear in nearly every query plan.

Craig Freedman's SQL Server Blog : Scans vs. Seeks

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Anonymous said...

There are several big differences between AS400 people and SQL folks but you’re right, when confronted with SQL they generally sit scratching their heads just before telling you that you’re way off base. I too have been in the middle of several discussions between the two camps and it never ends pretty. The AS400 camp will tell you that database upgrades through SQL and time and resource consuming, an opinion that I generally find to be naïve as they usually know little about SQL. ON the other hand, SQL people generally have some knowledge of AS400.