Monday, January 07, 2008

Howard @ MSFT selling BI: Proclarity tricks


Proclarity tricks

There is a cool trick that allows you to use a proclarity analytics server page web part in a performance point dashboard, with the toolbar functionality and supports the passing of filters.

Basically you set up the ProClarity Analytics Server Page report view like you normally would, except that after you select the desired report, you modify the server URL parameter to point to a different web page on the server.

Here are the steps. You’ll need to plug in your PAS server URLs:

#1 – start by using http://pas-server/pas  in the Server URL when configuring your PC Report View; then navigate select the PC view you wish to display

#2 – after having chosen a view, change the Server URL to:  http://pas-server/pas/en/src/proclarity.asp?uiConfig=tb;ht

#3 – Then, if you want to connect up a filter, drag the Member UniqueName property from the filter onto your PC Report View

Bonus – adding the URL parm fs; places an extra button onto the toolbar which comes in handy if you want to let end users open the underlying view in the PC Web pro client:


Howard @ MSFT selling BI: Proclarity tricks

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