Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Aggregation design, row counts and the 1/3 rule


Mosha and Thierry give us multiple examples of how to provide annotations in SSAS 2005.

The solution revolve around the fact that Analysis Services Storage engine doesn’t know how to handle String for Measure data but does know for Dimension data and also the fact that the Formula engine does know how to handle text data.

So in a nutshell, Comment and Annotation are handled as Dimension members, entered by the user using Dimension writeback, then are retrieved as part of the measure group using a calculated member and thus queried from any front-end using regular MDX.

Handling Comment or Annotation as dimension member can seem scary at first, but since Yukon doesn’t handle the entire Dimension in memory anymore, its scalability capability in term of size of dimension members has greatly increased and can easily go above 50 millions members. For the very large majority of applications it seems reasonable to assume that this type of volume will never be reached. Indeed if we assume that an application has a lifespan of 5 years, then it gives us 10 millions members or Comment per year. Now let’s say that this application has 1000 active users, then every user has a workspace of 10 000 comments per year or 833 comments per month. It is a lot of text to enter every month for a single user…

Aggregation design, row counts and the 1/3 rule

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