Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Patrick Wellink - BizTalk Templates


Now its only a matter of seconds to create the projects. The naming convention should be SomeProject.ServiceKind,ServiceName. The templates really expect a dotted name where tle last part after the last dot is the actual service name.

  1. If you want to try this yourself, extract the files in the zip file ESB Concept Scenarios.zip to the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Developer Tools\BizTalkProjects\ESB Concept Scenarios, so that the directory will contain two files. SimpleTemplate.ico and SimpleTemplate.vsz.
  2. Next you extract the following file SimpleTemplate.zip to the following directory BizTalkWizards. The result should look the same as the picture above.
  3. Next Start Visual Studio, Create a new BizTalk Project, Select SimpleTemplate and see stuff happen. (Don't forget the name yoy enter for the project should be in the form , SomeProject.ServiceKind,ServiceName otherwise it won't work.

If  You don't like the template or want to change it, simply go to the BizTalk Wizard directory and perform the following steps.

  1. Select the template you want to change.
  2. Next go to the 'Templates\1033\OriginalProject' directory.
  3. Open the solution.
  4. Make any change you want, and save the project.
  5. Copy only the Orch / Map and XSD one level up. Do not copy the SLN and BTPproj files. (Have a look in the notepad at both of them and you will probably spot the diffrencies).

Patrick Wellink

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