Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Error Handling in SSIS - SQL Server Central

Borrowing liberally from Jack Corbett's scripts will get you a great custom error handler.  No more creating and maintaining error tables for SSIS data flows!

Anyone who has used SSIS error handling has been frustrated that it returns an Error Code with no description. I decided that I needed a solution. Googling the problem led me to this blog by Jamie Thomson which had a link to a Script Component that gets the Error Description. Excellent! While this was I good start, I also wanted to see the data that caused the error. I started by including the data and outputting to a text file, but, being a database pro, this did not sit well with me. I started looking for a solution that would allow me to store the data in a table and be useable in each dataflow task, and, once again, the internet provided a solution, this article by jwelch on agilebi.com which I highly recommend reading.

My solution is uses the Input0_ProcessInputRow method and reflection, as shown by jwelch’s article, to loop through the columns, building an XML string (name-value pairs) which I insert into a table. I can then query the table to see the errors and the data. I can then verify that I fixed the errors from earlier loads.

Here is the solution:

Error Handling in SSIS - SQL Server Central

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