Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jason Morales' Microsoft BI Update


Enterprise & Standard Edition Feature Comparisons:

- Microsoft SQL Server 2008

- Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Business Intelligence features of SQL Server Enterprise Edition:

(that are not in the Standard Edition)

Advanced Analytics

- Account intelligence

- Linked measures and dimensions

- Perspectives

- Semiadditive measures

- Writeback dimensions

Scalability and Performance

- Proactive caching

- Partitioned cubes and distributed partitioned cubes

- Auto parallel partition processing

Integration Services

- Data mining query transformation

- Data mining model training destination adapter

- Fuzzy Grouping transformation

- Fuzzy Lookup transformation

- Term Extraction transformation

- Dimension processing destination adapter

- Partition processing destination adapter

Reporting Services

- Data-driven subscriptions

- Report scale-out deployment

- Infinite clickthrough in ad-hoc reports

- Scale-out operational report configuration**

Data Warehousing

- Data compression**

- Star join query optimizations**

- Change data capture (CDC)**

- Scalable data marts and reporting**

Data Mining

- Parallelism for model processing & prediction

- Advanced Data Mining algorithms with algorithm plug-in API

- Advanced configuration and tuning options for data mining algorithms

- Time series capabilities**

** double-star denotes feature of SQL Server 2008

Introduction to New Data Warehouse Scalability Features in SQL Server 2008

Jason Morales' Microsoft BI Update

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