Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SQL Server 2008 Extended Events Manager - Home


SQL 2008 Extended Events are a powerful new way of troubleshooting problems with SQL Server. One short coming is that there is no UI support for this new feature. The Extended Events Manager is a C# .NET winforms application that aims to simplify creating and viewing metadata for Extended Events Sessions in SQL 2008.

Planned Functionality:
  • View Extended Events Metadata for all Available Objects
  • View Event Sessions on a Server
  • Start/Stop Events Sessions
  • Create new Event Sessions
  • Alter existing Event Sessions
  • Drop Event Session
  • Script all operations
  • View information stored in targets for active Event Sessions
Release Notes

This project was placed on CodePlex at the following address per the rules of the SQL 2008 Heros contest:
all builds of the project, source code, and documentation have been placed there with Issue Tracking enabled,
as well as discussions enabled. If you would like to download the project, report a bug, or request a feature
be added, please visit the above link.

SQL Server 2008 Extended Events Manager - Home

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