Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get Performance Tips Directly From SQL Server - SQLServerCentral


When SQL is compiled, an ‘optimal’ plan is created and stored in the plan cache, the plan contains details of table and index access. To produce this plan, the optimiser uses information from various sources, including indexes, statistics and row counts.

If the optimiser would like to use certain information but can’t find it, it adds details of what it wanted to use to the plan. Inspecting the plans for these details will help us improve the performance of our SQL.

For example, if a certain index could have been useful for a given SQL statement, the optimiser looks for that index, if that index is not found, the missing index’s details are stored together with the plan.

There are various performance related items we can search for including: missing indexes, columns with no statistics, and the occurrence of table scans.

This utility makes use of Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) and Dynamic Management Functions (DMFs), so can be used by SQL Server 2005 or greater.

Get Performance Tips Directly From SQL Server - SQLServerCentral

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