Friday, October 16, 2009

Exam 70-433 - SQL 2008 Database Development

Just passed the SQL 2008 exam above. Without divulging the content, it seemed very obscure, and there wasn't a lot of maintenance or installation questions. Which is obvious in retrospect, because I ended up studying for 70-432 - Implementation and Maintenance but booked one exam too far ahead. Makes me even happier I passed it!

To study, I used MS OneNote to take the exam outline and break it down into multiple sections, crossing off the items I covered as I studied. Most of my studying included books online with some testing out of the new partition functionality and full-text functionality. I did a few reviews of the new features of SQL 2008 when it first came out in CTP, and have since implemented it a few more times. I didn't do a whole lot of deep-dives. The key things I focused on during studying were the new features of SQL 2008.

The exam itself was glitchy - some of the exhibits didn't show up, and a couple questions had duplicate answers. (which made it easier to find the right one.) For questions that were wordy, not obvious or not easy to read I marked for later.

These turned out to be almost half the questions on the exam.

It was definately a challenging one. Next step is to book exam 70-432 - SQL 2008 Implementation and Maintenance - the one I actually studied for!

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