Friday, September 24, 2010 – How to run with VS2005/SSIS 2005 on SQL 2008


How to Resolve a BIDS 2005 and SQL Server 2008 Compatibility Issue

By Mohan Kumar  -- Published on 05/24/10 (Earlier published on on 09/08/13)

We all know that Microsoft has introduced new feature/component in SSIS 2008. They also renamed few system procedures for SSIS.

I was working on a SQL Server 2008 upgrade project that included SSIS, but the requirement was to hold our SSIS upgrade until the Production upgrade was completed. Therefore, it was important to provide the ability to developers to design and develop their SSIS packages using Visual Studio 2005 but store the packages in SSIS 2008 storage in order to

  1. Finish the nonproduction servers upgrade
  2. Do not let developers to use SSIS 2008 features until the production server was upgraded so that any package under development can go live (if needed) on the existing SQL Server 2005

I encountered bunch of errors while saving the package that I had opened in Visual Studio for some changes and later trying to save that package in SSIS 2008 storage. Below is the complete scenario that explains what error messages occurred and how to resolve them.

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