Monday, February 21, 2011

On DESKI, Proclarity, and Executive Crystal (Ball) Decisions

Sometimes I wonder whether BI vendors actually use their own tools to look at their market.  If they do, then perhaps they are missing the "sentiment" KPI.

Microsoft lost a bunch of sentiment points by discontinuing BI tools like Proclarity and PerformancePoint planning.  Proclarity as a desktop and dashboard tool met quite a few needs for my clients that aren't filled anywhere else without jumping up price point notches and complexity.  I'm still supporting PerformancePoint, the discontinued flavour.

Now it appears that SAP has taken a similar approach, dropping their desktop client DESKI in favour of their web client WEBI.  Which, of course, has less functionality.  Web apps just don't feel as concrete, physical, or hardened as desktop apps.  Although the technologies are coming together more and more, desktop apps still have points over ease of use and functionality.

How come the BI vendors don't ask their clients how they can serve them better rather than analyzing the P and L for quick-hit cost savings?

IBM (Cognos (formerly SAP (formerly BusinessObjects (formerly Crystal))) developers are an angry bunch!

Am I missing a bracket or two there?

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