Friday, April 15, 2011

Using Quest’s Spotlight?

Watch for the performance effects of running SQL Analysis on a production box.  It is running a firehose client-side trace from the Spotlight server to the SQL Server.

Based on your information, it would appear that someone in your group may be using SQL Analysis or session trace in the product. SQL Analysis is a schedulable utility that initiates a SQL Trace based on the criteria you specify - if it's enabled with the collection type default and only the options on the initial screen specified, you may be running a continuous client-side trace without any filtering to capture the various statement/procedure/RPC events. Session-level tracing initiated if someone clicks into a specific SPID (session_id) and then selects the trace tab, so it's a less likely option.

Spotlight on SQL Server Ent. 701 - ... | SQL Server | Database Management Community | Quest Software

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