Thursday, June 30, 2011

Microsoft Research - Turning Ideas into Reality

If you are looking for innovation and future ideas, Microsoft Research is a good place to start.  Steve Ballmer is on the Innovation Team for the US Government.  Though spending for MS research has dipped recently, they are spending 90% of their $9.6 billion on the cloud.

  • Windows Azure
  • SQL Azure
  • Office 360

Why is the cloud so important?  Tablet computing.  A tablet doesn’t have enough disk space to house an entire product suite, and IT staff wouldn’t want to be patching and supporting tablets in addition to desktop computers.

The tablet is a rogue PC that is infiltrating corporations organically.  Like the iPhone, tablets are causing IT to take notice and focus efforts on mobile computing.

901 results for cloud on Microsoft Research.  836 results for Windows.

Looks like the future is a more ad-hoc, rapidly changing cloud environment.

People - Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research - Turning Ideas into Reality

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