Monday, August 01, 2011

Recovery Made Simple: Oracle Flashback Query | Oracle FAQ

Windows has had a recycle bin since Version 3.1, perhaps even earlier.  Even DOS had an undelete command.  How come SQL requires you to restore from backup, assuming a backup even exists?

The Oracle feature, Flashback, just sold me on using Oracle for a solution requiring high availability and uptime, provided the budget is there...  Not sure what a red query has anything to do with it though.

Sometimes it is a rouge query, sometimes a simple data clean up effort by the users, whatever may the cause be, inadvertent data-loss is a very common phenomenon. Backup and recovery capabilities are provided by the database management systems which ensure the safety and protection of valuable enterprise data in case of data loss however, not all data-loss situations call for a complete and tedious recovery exercise from the backup. Oracle introduced flashback features in Oracle 9i and 10g to address simple data recovery needs.

Recovery Made Simple: Oracle Flashback Query | Oracle FAQ

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