Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flipboard for the web

Flipbook is one of my favourite iPad apps.  It's a content-styler and aggregator for RSS feeds from my favourite sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Boingboing, and Buzzfeed.  They would be considered daily reads.  The tool translates very cluttered sites into a nice, flippable interface with the ability to zoom photos, share content and drill into the underlying web site.

The Treesaver HTML5 framework is a web styling tool that works with the iPad to format and present readable content similar to Flipbook.

According to the founder of Treesaver, he chose HTML for his framework because "toasters will someday do HTML."   I would buy an internet-enabled toaster if it was less than $120 and it had a Flipbook-like recipe app.  Smell burnt toast?  Stop reading the internets.
Here's four Flipbook-style interfaces for Windows.

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