Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vizubi 2.0 Full Tech Specs – Detailed Features

Vizubi is a Microsoft Powerpivot-like add-in for Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010.  It’s greatest feature is, well, compatibility.  PowerPivot only works with Excel 2010, and the best version of PowerPivot isn’t even released.  PowerPivot will be targeted towards new Office and Sharepoint adoption vs. supporting legacy platforms.  This probably means that the majority of customers and partners will have at least a 2-3 year sales cycle ahead of them.

Vizubi’s in beta now.

Other than that, it has a laundry-list of interesting features on the site.  It seems to play in a similar space to QlikView and other in-memory column-oriented databases.  It even supports the QlikView file format.

From Syntes, a team that brought features to Cognos, Business Objects, Board, and QlikView.  It’s primary products before this were NPrinting and NScheduler, plugins for Qlikview.

Vizubi 2.0 Full Tech Specs – Detailed Features

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