Monday, November 14, 2011

SQLBI - Marco Russo

SQLBI - Marco Russo: "The Many-to-Many Revolution 2.0.

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari seem to confirm my assumption that the artist formerly known as UDM has become BISM.

Linking PowerPivot in a many-to-many scenario is, well, a bit hacky in my opinion. Issues like case insensitivity also can cause issues for users.

A whitepaper link below that may give some ideas for a better approach to these challenges.

These are the news in this edition:

Alberto Ferrari joined me as co-author of the paper
We added a new pattern for BISM Multidimensional (formerly known as UDM)
We translated several existing pattern to BISM Tabular model.
Because BISM Tabular doesn’t support many-to-many relationships in its data model, you have to rely on DAX formulas to obtain the desired results. This produces many changes in data modeling and we tried to cover these differences in the paper, too
The paper is freely available in PDF format. We will publish single patterns described in the paper as web articles, in order to improve readability and indexing from search engines (today everybody use a web search engine instead than looking for a document in local disk, just because it’s faster)."

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