Friday, December 23, 2011


Day 23: Tips from Technoblab for Report Header/Footer, format codes, customizing the toolbar, working with images, etc

Lots of nice code examples here

A database field can neither be placed in a report header nor in the footer. This will throw an error "The Value expression for the textbox <fieldname> refers to a field. Fields cannot be used in page headers or footers".
There is however a workaround. Place a hidden textbox in the report body call it tb_hidden and assign to this the database field that you need in the header. Place a textbox in the report header and assign the hidden textbox's value to it
ex: =reportitems!tb_hidden.Value
This however as a drawback, the value will appear only in the first page. If your report runs into many pages then you need to take a different approach.
Pass the value to appear in the header as a parameter from your .aspx page call it database_field. Assign this to the textbox in the header.
ex: =Parameters!database_field.Value


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