Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Microsoft partnering with monitor manufacturers?

I wonder if MS will fix this resolution limitation in the release…

Laurent Bugnion experienced Windows Update hell when he got hit in the middle of a presentation.  The moral of the story?  Run Windows Update before the presentation, or turn off updates altogether.

His presentation looks really interesting.  Taking a Silverlight to WP7 & WP7 to Win8/WinRT.

What was the issue actually?

After reboot I tried again, and the same result happened: No Metro apps could be started. From the room, I got the suggestion that it was a resolution problem. And indeed: You cannot run Metro applications with less than 768 pixels vertical resolution. And because of the projector, I was running at 1280x720. So I thought OK, let’s try it, increased the resolution to 1280x768 and indeed I could start the Metro apps… but then the projector stopped showing the image!

Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)

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