Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Using Sequence Identity Column in SQL 2012

So the conclusion is that identity is 10 times slower than sequence with default cache size. You will not gain significant performance by defining very big cache size.

It sounds like sequence is the way to go when performance and concurrency are issues.  Sequence requires rewriting your application inserts to handle the syntax for sequence.  eg. INSERT INTO x (id) VALUES (NEXT VALUE FOR seqname)
An insert trigger could potentially replicate the functionality of the identity column.

SQL Server 2012 Sequence Internal » John Huang's Blog
Further details on the internals of identity vs. sequence are here.
The primary reasons I wouldn't use sequence - in some cases anyway.
1. No DISTINCT keyword allowed when using sequences in query.
2. Can't use in views.
3. Adds complexity vs. identity column.
4. Can't use in defaults for column.
5. Requires trigger to implement identity-style insert logic.
6. Can be updated without setting identity insert option.

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