Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Machine Learning with R and SQL 2016 / RevoR + Open Source MSFT

Ginger Grant, Data Platform MVP discusses Machine Learning with R and some Custom Reports for SQL 2016 R Services. 

Everything that exists is an object.
Everything that happens is a function call.

-- John Chambers, Advanced R

Microsoft Open R is the enhanced distribution of R, which provides the ability to create your own enterprise MiniCRAN, reproduce results between package version snapshots, parallelism/multithreading, and is portable across Windows, Linux, and OSX.  Enterprise is constantly looking for stability, and provides this with fixed snapshots across all OpenR users.

RStudio hopped on the Jupyter Notebook bandwagon a couple months ago.

In 2017, we will have SQL Server 2016 with Microsoft OpenR and R Notebooks, running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux along with Hortonworks HDP...

Getting Started with PHP 7 SQL Server and Azure SQL Database on Linix Ubuntu with Apache

And something completely unrelated, perhaps useful, Yet Another Network Tester, with multithreading and CPU affinity.

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